Helen Hoyt Snyder

March 20, 1943 – September 13, 2018

Helen wrote in March 2003:
Well .. 42 years have passed .. just a blink of an eye! I love this site .. thank you very much, David for your efforts and the efforts of those who help you. I don't know what to say .. my life has been interesting and fun for the most part .. I prefer living in California but am back in Mo for the shortest time possible. I loved driving the Big Busses and checked as I traveled to see if classmates were in the area of my various destinations. I married Dean Harter (some of you probably had him as a student teacher under Ms. Cox and possibly under Mr. Boyette) from Magnolia and we remain friends in spite of (or maybe because of) our divorce after 17 years. I attended Lindenwood College for one year in '61-'62 and then went back to St. Louis University in 1984 .. graduated in '88 with a BA in Theology with almost major hours in Psychology. I loved being in school and had started on my MA when family matters intervened and I spent the next 10 years taking care of my son (who passed away) and my parents. I have devoted the past 7 years to enjoying my world .. traveling .. and trying to avoid the cold winters of the Midwest. I have a computer and keep an active email persona .. so .. would love to hear from any or all of you. If I can find some socially acceptable current pictures .. I will forward them to this site .. I, too, have grey hair and, as I age, seem to look more and more like that danged Fertility Goddess <sigh>. I hope I have retained my sense of humor .. even as I lose my hearing and make the transition to bifocals .. like Betty Davis once said "Old age ain't for sissies" (or something close to that).

Looks like I thought of plenty to say <grinning> .. seriously .. I would enjoy hearing from any/all of you .. and if I don't .. I have enjoyed forgetting the passage of that block of time and once again seeing the smiling faces of my classmates.

Update posted September 2010:
(Sigh) 8 more years have passed .. I never got back to the West Coast .. health issues, family issues and assorted other issues popped up and by the time the smoke cleared I discovered that most of my “git up and go .. had got up and went”. I continued driving the tour buses here in the Midwest .. but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as driving to Lake Tahoe .. or Seattle .. or Mt. St. Helen's .. Let’s face it .. Chicago may be called that “toddling town” .. but it can’t hold a candle to San Francisco. I operated for about the first 4 years on the philosophy “run while you can” but then things changed. Now I enjoy old friends, stay in the house during cold winter days and hot summer days, talk on the phone, go camping (no tents for this old lady) and go out to eat (I quit cooking years ago .. lol). I made one last travel loop in my car and made it all the way to Key West visiting friends along the way .. I had a ball but was glad to be home once again.

I am excited about seeing everyone at the reunion !!! Probably more excited than I have been about anything for the past 3-4 years .. lol. That’s about it for now .. Come on October !!!