Helen Hoyt Snyder
Junction City, KS
Well .. 42 years have passed .. just a blink of an eye! I love this site .. thank you very much, David for your efforts and the efforts of those who help you. I don't know what to say .. my life has been interesting and fun for the most part .. I prefer living in California but am back in Mo for the shortest time possible. I loved driving the Big Busses and checked as I traveled to see if classmates were in the area of my various destinations. I married Dean Harter (some of you probably had him as a student teacher under Ms. Cox and possibly under Mr. Boyette) from Magnolia and we remain friends in spite of (or maybe because of) our divorce after 17 years. I attended Lindenwood College for one year in '61-'62 and then went back to St. Louis University in 1984 .. graduated in '88 with a BA in Theology with almost major hours in Psychology. I loved being in school and had started on my MA when family matters intervened and I spent the next 10 years taking care of my son (who passed away) and my parents. I have devoted the past 7 years to enjoying my world .. traveling .. and trying to avoid the cold winters of the Midwest. I have a computer and keep an active email persona .. so .. would love to hear from any or all of you. If I can find some socially acceptable current pictures .. I will forward them to this site .. I, too, have grey hair and, as I age, seem to look more and more like that danged Fertility Goddess <sigh>. I hope I have retained my sense of humor .. even as I lose my hearing and make the transition to bifocals .. like Betty Davis once said "Old age ain't for sissies" (or something close to that).

Looks like I thought of plenty to say <grinning> .. seriously .. I would enjoy hearing from any/all of you .. and if I don't .. I have enjoyed forgetting the passage of that block of time and once again seeing the smiling faces of my classmates.