Carolyn Kaye Kinard Trammell
Huntsville, AL
11/01/07 - I have been teaching for 37 years. I have taught high school for 10 years and the rest has been on the kindergarten level. I obtained my B S degree from Harding Univ and post-graduate certification in early childhood education from Athens State Univ. I was the Alabama Republican Teacher of year several years ago (2004 - 5). I have enjoyed my career but most importantly I enjoy my family. My grandsons Brayden-10 yrs - Blaine 7yrs & Bryson 8 mo fill mine and Bob lives with joy. Bob is head of the science dept at Madison Academy and teaches biology classes - Has taught chemistry classes. Our daughter is a 1st grade teacher at MA and has her Masters & National Board Certification. Stephen is in the pool business.

06/30/08 - Don't get back to El Dorado much. Dad died ten years ago and I have Mom here in Huntsville with me. She is age 94 now. My only sister lives in St. Louis and my in-laws are from Tennessee. I have taught now for 37 years. I started in the high school area and have been in the lower elementary area for over 27 years. My husband is head of the science department at Madison Academy. Our son is in the pool business and our daughter teaches 1st grade at the Academy, too. The grandchildren are age 10, 7 and 16 months old and all boys. We stay very busy with work, church and family activities.