Jay Hoggard
El Dorado, AR
Submitted by Martha Cripe, Jay’s sister:

My brother, Jabe E. Hoggard, Jr. practiced law in El Dorado for years until depression and a stroke took their toll on his heath and livelihood. He is still somewhat alert mentally but can’t walk well. He may have some Parkinson’s issues also, which makes it a chore for him to focus and concentrate. Otherwise, Jay is pretty much the same individual that he always was: good-natured, homey and possessing a smile that still lifts my heart every time I visit him or take him to a favorite spot for dinner.

Jay remembers El Dorado High School fondly. He was a band member and I remember riding in the car with my mother as a child to pick him up after a home game or from the Dairyette. Jay’s friends in school were Pat Clinghan and Larry Joe Cook. A few more facts abut Jay is that he lives in Hillsboro Manor Nursing Home in El Dorado; was married to Peggie Hoggard, now deceased; had two daughters, Jenny Jo and Jinger, now grown and two grandsons.

Additional info: His birthday is November 16, 1943.