Suzanne Hinds Wanvig

November 8, 1943 – November 9, 2011

She died November 9, 2011 in Nashville, TN.

There was no service or obituary. Here is what we know about her from past memory books:

In 1981 she still had maiden name of Suzanne Hinds and was living in Garland, TX. In the 2003 memory book she had the married name Wanvig and was living in Arkansas City, KS and lists that she is a song writer with 3 children Roseanne, Keech, Ragan, and 2 grandchildren.

We found a webpage for her with the music company Soundclick.
The web link is
There are 13 songs she wrote on that site. She lists her location as El Dorado, AR with an El Dorado phone number. Here is what she said about herself on this web page:

My name is Suzanne Wanvig, I'm a songwriter. I used to perform professionally but now I just like to write and let other people sing my songs. My son is in the music business too, you might have heard of him, he's Keech Rainwater with Lonestar and NO I haven't written anything yet that they are gonna record. Keech and I both have our own studios in our homes and LOVE the technical side of recording as well as the creative side.

I love the internet because I can let many more people hear my music instantly. I may lose some royalties that way but then I may gain a publisher so it all works out. I would LOVE to sign a contract with a major label. That's my goal.

My song "The Story Isn't Over" is playing on radio stations all over the U.S. and my song "All I Need To Know", which was recorded by a dynamite Mongolian teenage girl named Nomin Cater went to #4 on the charts in Mongolia from people calling in requesting it and the video of the same song went to #5 on their charts. The first EVER English-language video on Mongolian T.V.

Of course I'm into country music because my son is in the band, Lonestar, but I like all kinds of music and write what I feel. Anybody who's ever written a good hit song has been an influence on me and my writing.

I tell people that I'm a "High-Tech Granny" and I also tell people that creativity is a gift BUT it comes with a curse......there's NO OFF SWITCH!