Edith F. Maples, 95, of El Dorado passed away (Betty Rogers) 04/27/2018
Ronnie Little Passed Away () 02/06/2018
a Tale of Two Cars by Lacey Mims (David Laney) 04/10/2016
Our Hometown (JIm Norris) 08/24/2015
Lacey Mims (Betty Reynolds Rogers) 01/08/2015
Husband of Linda Ingram Hays passed away 01/05/15 (Mike Rogers) 01/08/2015
El Dorado Viaduct to be Replaced (Mike Rogers) 01/08/2015
Mother of Betty Taylor Bubblis passed away 12/08/2014 (Mike Rogers) 12/13/2014
1896 Map of El Dorado (Betty Reynolds Rogers) 12/13/2014
Movie made in El Dorado 1975 (David Laney) 12/07/2014
Sister of Randall Gathright passed away on Sept 22, 2014 (David Laney) 09/25/2014
Mother of Jim McCall passed away Monday, July 14, 2014 (Mike Rogers) 07/17/2014
Sister of Linda Orren Tawell passed away March 23, 2014 (Mike Rogers) 03/29/2014
Edgar Gage Passed Away (David Laney) 03/17/2014
Old Fashion (El Dorado New-Time) 07/22/2013
Mother of Randall Gathright passed away June 7, 2013 (Mike Rogers) 06/10/2013
John Barker passed away April 30. 2013 (Mike Rogers) 05/01/2013
Mother of Ritchey Stephens passed away March 15, 2013 (Mike Rogers) 03/18/2013
William Trego FB link (Betty Rogers) 02/04/2013
Hide details for Penny Garrett passed away 1/22/2013 (Mike Rogers) 01/26/2013Penny Garrett passed away 1/22/2013 (Mike Rogers) 01/26/2013
sad day (Tom Craig) 01/30/2013
New email address for Winna Ruth (Mike Rogers) 11/12/2012
Mother In Law of Shelia Culp Calhoon passed away Sept 18, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 09/20/2012
Mother of Sue McAteer Dunham passed away August 12, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 08/15/2012
Hide details for Glen Ray Hines elected to 2nd class of Union County Hall of Fame (Mike Rogers) 07/30/2012Glen Ray Hines elected to 2nd class of Union County Hall of Fame (Mike Rogers) 07/30/2012
ZlujTSUFnsXHK (JimmiXS) 08/11/2016
Change of Email Address - Linda (Howard) Long (Mike Rogers) 07/20/2012
Friend of the Class (Edgar Gage) Mother passed away July 2, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 07/08/2012
Brother of Sandra Cate Ramsey passed away July 1, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 07/08/2012
Sister of Franlie Stinson passed away June 22, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 07/07/2012
Father of Kathe Morgan Miller passed away 06/19/2012 (Mike Rogers) 06/20/2012
Change of Email Address for Wilma Shockley Beene (Mike Rogers) 06/11/2012
Father of Kay Mathews Williams passed away 5/24/2012 (Mike Rogers) 05/26/2012
Hide details for Joyce Daniels Spry passed away April 29, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 05/01/2012Joyce Daniels Spry passed away April 29, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 05/01/2012
Joyce Daniels (Tommy Craig) 05/18/2012
Hide details for      memorial picture (Tommy Craig) 05/18/2012 memorial picture (Tommy Craig) 05/18/2012
Joyce Daniels (Tommy Craig) 05/20/2012
Brother of Linda Orren Taweel passed away 4/07/12 (Mike Rogers) 04/10/2012
Change of email address (Mike Rogers) 04/07/2012
Brother of James Carney passed away (Mike Rogers) 03/22/2012
George Dykes' mother passed away 3/12/2012 (Mike Rogers) 03/14/2012
Former classmate - Joyce Culver Russell passed away March 2, 2012 (Mike Rogers) 03/08/2012
Hide details for Sad News... Cy Robinson passed away (Fred VanHook) 02/28/2012Sad News... Cy Robinson passed away (Fred VanHook) 02/28/2012
Cy will be missed (Sonny Daughtridge) 02/29/2012
Cy Robinson (Gene Bramblett) 02/29/2012
Email Address - Donna Pearson (Mike Rogers) 02/03/2012
Mother of Tommie Lou Reid Little passed away 12/26/2011 (Mike Rogers) 12/27/2011
Change of Email Address for John Roberts (Mike Rogers) 12/06/2011
Mother of Joe Mack Lawrence passed away Nov 29, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 12/01/2011
Elvis Presley live in El Dorado, March 30, 1955 at El Dorado High School (Phoebe Sellers) 11/29/2011
Hide details for 50th wedding anniversary -- Joe Lawrence Sr. (Mike Rogers) 11/07/201150th wedding anniversary -- Joe Lawrence Sr. (Mike Rogers) 11/07/2011
Hide details for      List of the reunion classmates attending  (Tom Craig) 11/17/2011 List of the reunion classmates attending (Tom Craig) 11/17/2011
Hide details for      Oops -- hang in there for the list of attendees! (Reunion Committee) 11/22/2011 Oops -- hang in there for the list of attendees! (Reunion Committee) 11/22/2011
50th reunion (Tommy Craig) 03/26/2012
Mother of Jane Fife Spencer passed away 10/29/2011 (Mike Rogers) 11/03/2011
In memory of our deceased classmates (David Laney) 10/23/2011
Having trouble with WI Bell website for photos? (Betty Reynolds) 10/21/2011
Corrected Phone Numbers for Judy Young Robinson (Mike Rogers) 10/20/2011
Gosh, that was fun! (Sharon Herring) 10/18/2011
Email Address - George Dykes (Mike Rogers) 09/29/2011
Email Address - Mary Stegall Caesar (Mike Rogers) 09/21/2011
Email Address - Penny Garrett (Mike Rogers) 09/20/2011
Email Address - Ray Barber (Mike Rogers) 09/18/2011
Email Address: Bill "Butch" Blackwood (Mike Rogers) 09/09/2011
Email Address: Larry Joe Cook (Mike Rogers) 09/08/2011
Email Address: Kenny Welsh (Mike Rogers) 09/07/2011
Email Address: John Taunton (Mike Rogers) 08/28/2011
LIFE magazines (Carolyn Bell) 08/24/2011
Richard Fernald passed away August 17/ 2011 (Mike Rogers) 08/18/2011
Sister of Linda Orren Taweel pased away 8/14/2011 (Mike Rogers) 08/15/2011
Bill Barnett passed away April 2, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 08/10/2011
Email Address - Ruth Cupples Wilson (Mike Rogers) 08/05/2011
Email Address - Larry Cottrell (Mike Rogers ) 08/03/2011
Leslie Stanley passed away July 17, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 07/19/2011
Email Address - Rachel Miller Newman (Mike Rogers) 07/12/2011
Brother of John Long passed away June 14, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 06/16/2011
Email Address: Lillian Thibault (Mike Rogers) 05/26/2011
Need 1st grade photo -- Southside (Mary Audrey & Deloris) 05/02/2011
Email Address: Gary Jones (Mike Rogers) 04/30/2011
Coach Garland Gregory passed away April 28, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 04/29/2011
Mother of Cheryl Lowery Chandler passed away April 26, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 04/27/2011
Email Address: Kay Mathews Williams (Mike Rogers) 04/25/2011
Father of Ruth Cupples Wilson passed away April 22, 2011 (Mike Rogers) 04/24/2011
Helen Snyder Change of email address (Mike Rogers) 04/19/2011
Email address: Denny Chadwich (Mike Rogers) 04/19/2011
Trip Larzelere's Mother passed away April 17, 201 (Mike Rogers) 04/18/2011
Jack Turner's Mother Passed away (David Laney) 04/12/2011
Email Address: Sonny Daughtridge (Mike Rogers) 03/22/2011
Email Address: Jo Ann Chandler Harrison (Mike Rogers) 03/19/2011
Please furnish current picture of yourself. (Mike Rogers) 02/26/2011
Hide details for Planning Committee Meeting - 2/27/11 (James Moore) 02/10/2011Planning Committee Meeting - 2/27/11 (James Moore) 02/10/2011
will attend meeting Feb 27. (DelorisBursonGirard) 02/17/2011
Will attend 2/27 meeting in H.S. (Sue McAteer Dunham) 02/13/2011
Reunion Date October 14, 2011 (James Moore) 01/27/2011
Related Person: Betty Jo Adams Simmons (Mike Rogers) 01/21/2011
Email Address: Than Colvin (Mike Rogers) 12/01/2010
Hide details for Lem Kerr Passed Away (David Laney) 12/01/2010Lem Kerr Passed Away (David Laney) 12/01/2010
10 quotes from Lem Kerr (David Laney) 12/02/2010
Sharon Breashears' mother passed away 11/27/2010 (Mike Rogers) 11/30/2010
Email Address: Lacey (Butch) Mims ( ) 11/24/2010
Happy Thanksgiving and the Merriest Christmas ever (Louise Johnson) 11/23/2010
Email address for Mike Garlington ( ) 11/22/2010
Email Address for Barbara Ann Hurst ( ) 11/12/2010
Coach Gregory & Tommy Brasher (Eugene D. Bramblett ) 10/26/2010
How to Vote for Coach Gregory & Tommy Brasher (Gene Bramblett) 09/28/2010
Email Address - Jiim McCall (Mike Rogers) 09/22/2010
Email Address - Clyde Slaughter (Mike Rogers) 09/22/2010
Mary Finnell sister of Albert Hanna Passed Away 09/01/2010 (Mike Rogers) 09/03/2010
Email Address - Tommy Craig (Mike Rogers) 08/31/2010
Email Address - Stan Gillis (Mike Rogers) 08/31/2010
Douglas Shockley brother of Wilma Shockley Beene Passed Away 08/23/10 (Mike Rogers) 08/25/2010
Email Address - Jim McCall (Mike Rogers) 08/24/2010
Clifton Rush's Mother Passed Away (David Laney) 08/24/2010
Hide details for John Houston's Memorial Service ( Sharon Herring ) 08/20/2010John Houston's Memorial Service ( Sharon Herring ) 08/20/2010
Hide details for      John Houston's service... (Tom Craig) 09/01/2010 John Houston's service... (Tom Craig) 09/01/2010
You probably did see her .... (SKH, MAS, KSF) 09/07/2010
Hide details for El Dorado News Article (Mary Audrey Finazzo) 08/02/2010El Dorado News Article (Mary Audrey Finazzo) 08/02/2010
Shreveport Article (Phoebe Sellers) 08/12/2010
Old Video (David Laney) 08/01/2010
Elvis Presley Songs (David Laney) 07/10/2010
Email Addresses: W. Sturdivant, G. Richardo, M. Norris ( ) 07/10/2010
Email Address: Fred Futch ( ) 07/09/2010
Jim Adams husband of Winna Barton passed away 07/08/10 (Mike Rogers) 07/09/2010
Class Dinner at Bayou Bistro 09/25/2010 (Mike Rogers) 07/01/2010
50th Reunion Letter (James Moore) 06/30/2010
John Raley passed away 06/26/2010 (Mike Rogers) 06/27/2010
Email Address: Hannah Wheelis Park ( ) 06/24/2010
Email change: Kay Mathews Williams (Mike Rogers) 06/15/2010
Email Address -Toni Hollingsworth Johnson (Mike Rogers) 05/28/2010
Change of email address (Mike Rogers) 04/29/2010
Geraldine Martindill passed away (Teacher at Retta Brown) (David Laney) 04/19/2010
Email address for Lee Roy (Lee) McHan (Mike Rogers) 04/17/2010
Mother of Winna Adams passed away 4/02/10 (Mike Rogers) 04/03/2010
Larry Long (Louise Long Johnson) 03/31/2010
Clarence Evans Passed Away 03/25/10 (Mike Rogers) 03/26/2010
Email and other changes (Butch Blackwood) 03/06/2010
Email: Jean Bates; Mary Stegall (Mike Rogers) 03/02/2010
John Houston Sample battling bone cancer (Kay Fincher Hyland) 02/27/2010
Sympathy for Suzanne Hinds Wanvig (Mike Rogers) 02/13/2010
Sadness of recent deaths -- ( '61 classmates) 02/11/2010
Hide details for Jeanie Lewis' funeral service (Phoebe Sellers) 02/09/2010Jeanie Lewis' funeral service (Phoebe Sellers) 02/09/2010
funeral (Tommy Craig) 02/10/2010
Jeanie Lewis (John Ralston) 02/09/2010
Jeanie Lewis Beavert passed away (Mike Rogers) 02/08/2010
Hide details for Obit: Martin Draper, DDS - Sharon's brother (Mike Rogers) 02/08/2010Obit: Martin Draper, DDS - Sharon's brother (Mike Rogers) 02/08/2010
Funeral Arrangements (Mike Rogers) 02/08/2010
Sympathy for Kay Weldon Ball (Mike Rogers) 01/22/2010
Email addresses: Sue Myers; Shirl Slayton (Mike Rogers) 01/11/2010
Hide details for James S. Long  father of Larry Long (Louise Johnson) 01/09/2010James S. Long father of Larry Long (Louise Johnson) 01/09/2010
Hide details for      Services for James S. Long (Louise Johnson) 01/09/2010 Services for James S. Long (Louise Johnson) 01/09/2010
Obituary - James S Long Father of Larry Long (Mike Rogers) 01/11/2010
Hide details for Robert Alex Laney Passed Away (David Laney) 12/30/2009Robert Alex Laney Passed Away (David Laney) 12/30/2009
SGFOGllxDvZCogwIA (Barneyxcq) 02/18/2018
Margaret (McCuistion) Hendren (Mike Rogers) 12/11/2009
Thanks (Butch Blackwood) 12/08/2009
Re: John Ralston (Winna Adams) 12/05/2009
John Ralston retires as voice EHS Wildcats (Mike Rogers) 12/05/2009
Hide details for Facebook (Phoebe Sellers) 11/17/2009Facebook (Phoebe Sellers) 11/17/2009
Facebook link is on the website menu (David Laney) 11/18/2009
Hide details for Drawing of School Building (Lacy Mims) 11/15/2009Drawing of School Building (Lacy Mims) 11/15/2009
ehs drawings (Kay Newsom Davis) 12/07/2009
EHS Drawings are wonderful! ( Sharon Herring ) 11/20/2009
Butch Blackwood's Mother Passed Away (David Laney) 11/13/2009
Ike Garrett (Mike Rogers) 11/12/2009
Hide details for Amazing mini-reunion (Winna Barton Adams) 10/27/2009Amazing mini-reunion (Winna Barton Adams) 10/27/2009
Great to see everyone last weekend, as always .... (Sharon Herring) 10/30/2009
Email Address - Kathe Morgan Miller ( Mike Rogers ) 09/28/2009
Bruce Anthony Passed Away (David Laney) 09/08/2009
Email change: Kay (Newsom) Davis (Mike Rogers) 08/27/2009
Mother of Joan Cheek Hammond passed away (David Laney) 07/28/2009
Class Reunion Activity this fall in El Dorado (David Laney) 07/21/2009
Hide details for Van Ball Husband of Kay (Weldon) Ball Passed Away (Mike Rogers) 06/10/2009Van Ball Husband of Kay (Weldon) Ball Passed Away (Mike Rogers) 06/10/2009
KaOXyiqqMlYK (GoldenTabs) 01/08/2018
SEE "PEOPLE" MAG (JUNE 1) ARTICLE ON EL DO GRADS (Sharon Herring) 06/01/2009
New grandchildren (Louise Long Johnson) 04/06/2009
Perrin Jones' Mother passed away (David Laney) 04/04/2009
Email Address - Terry Breed (Mike Rogers) 02/28/2009
Donna Bush's brother passed away (Mike Rogers) 02/04/2009
prayers (Margaret McCuistion ) 01/30/2009
Hide details for Mother of Roy Lee McAdams passed away (Mike Rogers) 01/29/2009Mother of Roy Lee McAdams passed away (Mike Rogers) 01/29/2009
Mary Lou McAdams (Louise) 01/29/2009
Sandra (Edmonds) Downey (Mike Rogers) 01/28/2009
New Email Address for Johnny Robertson (Mike Rogers) 01/21/2009
Prayers for Larry Long's Family (Louise Long Johnson) 01/08/2009
New email address for Lynn (Post) Bolding (Mike Rogers) 11/05/2008
Mother of Jim Parks passed away 11/1/08 (Mike Rogers) 11/03/2008
Hide details for Spudnuts Fanatics Club (Mike Rogers) 11/03/2008Spudnuts Fanatics Club (Mike Rogers) 11/03/2008
UWYLIgBiBXZdPyWBy (Barneyxcq) 02/18/2018
Hide details for Billy Ponder (Louise Long Johnson) 10/03/2008Billy Ponder (Louise Long Johnson) 10/03/2008
Trial Date (Mike Rogers) 10/03/2008
Jerri Martindill (Louise Long Johnson) 10/03/2008
Email Address - Tommy Craig (Mike Rogers) 10/01/2008
Hide details for Tonight (Winna Barton Adams) 09/27/2008Tonight (Winna Barton Adams) 09/27/2008
Hide details for      Response to Winna (Betty Reynolds Roger) 09/30/2008 Response to Winna (Betty Reynolds Roger) 09/30/2008
Hide details for      I missed seeing you all-- (Nancy Ables Johnson) 10/01/2008 I missed seeing you all-- (Nancy Ables Johnson) 10/01/2008
You were missed (Betty Reynolds) 10/01/2008
Linda Cox (EHS'60) passed away 8/28/08 (Mike Rogers) 08/29/2008
Email address for Greta Baker Allen (Mike Rogers) 08/23/2008
Mother of Alpha Peek Horne passed away 8/18/08 (Mike Rogers) 08/19/2008
Email addresses: Mathews; Bush; Sheppard (Mike Rogers) 07/04/2008
Rhetta Brown pictures (Tommy Craig) 05/29/2008
Billy Ed Burley Passed Away - Class of 1960 (David Laney) 04/30/2008
Mother of Sandra Cate Ramsey Passed Away (Mike Rogers) 04/17/2008
Denny Chadwick's Mother Passed Away (David Laney) 04/08/2008
Dwight Dendy's Mother passed away (David Laney) 03/07/2008
Billy Ponder (Eugene D. Bramblett) 03/05/2008
Bob Tolbert's Mother Passes Away (Mike Rogers) 03/05/2008
Robert Hilburn's Mother Passed Away (David Laney) 02/29/2008
Email Address: Deloris Burson Girard (Mike Rogers) 02/27/2008
Scooter is going home (Louise) 01/25/2008
Hide details for Ron Griggs seeks judgeship (Mike Rogers) 01/09/2008Ron Griggs seeks judgeship (Mike Rogers) 01/09/2008
Your wish (Margaret McCuistion) 01/13/2008
JOHN RALSTON ( margaret hendren) 01/01/2008
Hide details for Prayers for margaret (Winna Barton Adams) 12/29/2007Prayers for margaret (Winna Barton Adams) 12/29/2007
My MAMA (Margaret McCustion ) 01/01/2008
Prayers for margaret (Winna Barton Adams) 12/29/2007
Hide details for Merry Christmas (Louise) 12/18/2007Merry Christmas (Louise) 12/18/2007
Hide details for      Scooter and Rachel (Sue McAteer Dunham) 12/22/2007 Scooter and Rachel (Sue McAteer Dunham) 12/22/2007
your email (Louise) 12/31/2007
Hide details for "Comments from 1955" (Mike Rogers) 12/02/2007"Comments from 1955" (Mike Rogers) 12/02/2007
we never knew (margaret) 12/02/2007
GIVE THANKS (margaret) 11/22/2007
Hide details for My little "coca cola girl" (Louise Johnson) 11/15/2007My little "coca cola girl" (Louise Johnson) 11/15/2007
pic (maggie) 11/18/2007
cuttie patootie!!!!!!!!! (maggie) 11/15/2007
Hide details for Update on Rachel's daughter, Tera (< >) 11/15/2007Update on Rachel's daughter, Tera (< >) 11/15/2007
TERRI (MAGGIE) 11/17/2007
prayers (margaret hendren) 11/15/2007
tooo cuteeee (margaret mccuistion) 11/15/2007
Q & A with John Ralston - AR Democrat-Gazette (Mike Rogers) 10/26/2007
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Martha Reynolds Evan) 10/25/2007
EL DORADO WEEKEND -- OCT 20-21 ' 07 (< >) 10/24/2007
2007 Event Pictures Available (David Laney) 10/24/2007
Hide details for Rachel's Daughter (Dianne Williams) 10/24/2007Rachel's Daughter (Dianne Williams) 10/24/2007
Such encouraging news .... (Sharon Herring) 10/24/2007
Bill Craig Day was a great success! (David Laney) 10/22/2007
Classmate Donald "Don" Gaskin passed away 10/19/07 (Mike Rogers) 10/21/2007
Hide details for Friends (Winna Barton Adams) 10/21/2007Friends (Winna Barton Adams) 10/21/2007
so sad ( 10/21/2007
Hide details for Rachel's daughter Teri battling cancer ( <  >) 10/18/2007Rachel's daughter Teri battling cancer ( < >) 10/18/2007
prayers ( 10/21/2007
Hide details for EHS and its great football teams (Bettye Lou Oliger Fox-Wind 1960) 10/16/2007EHS and its great football teams (Bettye Lou Oliger Fox-Wind 1960) 10/16/2007
Thanks for the picture ( 10/17/2007
Scooter in our prayers (Louise Johnson) 10/15/2007
mother in nursing home (margaret mc hendren) 10/09/2007
Hide details for Memories of Kozy Kitchen (Lacey Mims) 10/07/2007Memories of Kozy Kitchen (Lacey Mims) 10/07/2007
Hide details for      Thank you for Kozy Kitchen memories & photo (Sharon Herring) 10/13/2007 Thank you for Kozy Kitchen memories & photo (Sharon Herring) 10/13/2007
Hide details for      Kosy Kitchen Gathering (Lacey Mims) 10/24/2007 Kosy Kitchen Gathering (Lacey Mims) 10/24/2007
Thank you for your kind thoughts. (Sharon) 10/25/2007
Hide details for Remember "Grapette" (Mike Rogers) 10/05/2007Remember "Grapette" (Mike Rogers) 10/05/2007
Hide details for      Uhmmm .... delicious (Sharon Herring) 10/13/2007 Uhmmm .... delicious (Sharon Herring) 10/13/2007
SODA POP (MAGGIE) 11/17/2007
Butch Blackwood's Father passed away (Mike Rogers) 09/25/2007
Hide details for Take me back (Sandra Cate Ramsey) 09/07/2007Take me back (Sandra Cate Ramsey) 09/07/2007
this is sooooo good ( 10/17/2007
Garrett’s Furniture closing doors (Mike Rogers) 08/15/2007
Hide details for Update for James Carney (Marsha Carney) 08/05/2007Update for James Carney (Marsha Carney) 08/05/2007
lovely,lovely,lovely (margaret hendren) 10/11/2007
The Doo-Wop Oldies Quiz (Louise Johnson) 08/01/2007
Hide details for Encyclopedia of Arkansas (David Laney) 07/25/2007Encyclopedia of Arkansas (David Laney) 07/25/2007
Hide details for My Song (David Laney) 07/20/2007My Song (David Laney) 07/20/2007
Hide details for BILL CRAIG DAY 10/12 (Claude D. Baker '62) 06/26/2007BILL CRAIG DAY 10/12 (Claude D. Baker '62) 06/26/2007
Link to Reunion Website (Danny Pickering) 07/31/2007
Father of Marsha Bailey Harrell (Mike Rogers) 05/29/2007
Marsha Bailey's Father passed away (Mike Rogers) 05/29/2007
Hide details for Do you remember these? (David Laney) 04/15/2007Do you remember these? (David Laney) 04/15/2007
do we remember ( margaret mc hendren) 10/09/2007
happy birthday!!!!!!!!! (margaret mccuistion) 11/05/2007
Don James' Mother passed away (Mike Rogers) 03/10/2007
Richard Mann's Mother passed away (Mike Rogers) 02/06/2007
El Dorado Promise (David Laney) 01/23/2007
Hide details for Memories of Lipsey's (Mike Rogers) 12/09/2006Memories of Lipsey's (Mike Rogers) 12/09/2006
burgers yummieee (maggie hendren) 10/24/2007
Memories (Jason Wike) 05/12/2011
Gerald Bernard passed away 9/6/06 (David Laney) 09/07/2006
First Grandchild (Louise Long Johnson) 07/07/2006
Hide details for Aloha (Betty (Oliger) Fox) 06/21/2006Aloha (Betty (Oliger) Fox) 06/21/2006
Hide details for      Hi Betty Lou (Nancy Ables Johnson) 06/21/2006 Hi Betty Lou (Nancy Ables Johnson) 06/21/2006
Aloha, Nancy. (Bettye Fox-Wind) 01/24/2007
4th of July 2006 (gail colvin carter) 05/29/2006
Change in Email address (Donna Bush Carle) 02/02/2005
Hide details for Bill Burns passed away 10/11/04 (David Laney) 10/13/2004Bill Burns passed away 10/11/04 (David Laney) 10/13/2004
Last visit (David Laney) 10/13/2004
Rachel Miller Newman's grandson (Dianne Robin Williams) 05/13/2004
RALSTON / KLBQ Honorary Scholarship ( <> ) 12/31/2003
Hide details for BAND - Mike Garlington & the Misfits (  <>  ) 12/29/2003BAND - Mike Garlington & the Misfits ( <> ) 12/29/2003
YEAH BUT..... (BUTCH BLACKWOOD) 08/24/2007
ALBUM PHOTOS ( <> ) 09/23/2003
Hide details for THANKS  (  <> ) 09/07/2003THANKS ( <> ) 09/07/2003
Hide details for      THANKS (MargaretMCCuistion) 10/22/2007 THANKS (MargaretMCCuistion) 10/22/2007
PUP (MAGGIE) 11/05/2007
SYMPATHY ( <> ) 08/31/2003
POEM -- by George! ( <> ) 07/09/2003
ORDER 42nd GROUP PHOTO FROM W.I. BELL ( <> ) 07/07/2003
42nd OPEN HOUSE (<>) 07/06/2003
Hide details for FORMER CLASSMATES  &  FRIENDS ( <> ) 06/27/2003FORMER CLASSMATES & FRIENDS ( <> ) 06/27/2003
Class of 1967; married Terry Davis's brother, Eric (Cathie Adams Davis+) 06/27/2003